Start a Spiritual Conversation by Saying one of these 43 'Shema Statements'


Start a spiritual conversation quickly, today. Here's how. One way to test the soil of readiness in a person’s heart is to speak quick, spiritual openers called Shema statements. Shema means “Listen!” in Aramaic and attracts the attention of those who have ears to hear something important.

Jesus says to cast spiritual seed, “messages of the Kingdom”, widely on the soil of people’s hearts to see what will take root (Matthew 13:1-23).

Casting spiritual seed often, widely, on the landscape of people’s everyday life draws out those God prepares ahead of time. It uncovers people of peace—those influencers that open the door for a family or community to consider spiritual topics. It also establishes you as a person of faith. People will approach you when they feel troubled, or when they have spiritual questions later.

Speaking in spiritual ways is an overflow of your love for and belief in God. It’s only effective if you’re a genuine follower of Jesus, who loves God and lives a life consistent with your speech.

A Shema statement can invite someone into a spiritual conversation instead, at his or her initiative, on a topic that interests him or her. Try one!

  1. "I read something that seems hard for me to obey in the Bible today”.

  2. “I wonder how ______(a religious behavior) connects to ________ (a heart issue)?”

  3. Verbally long for the day with ugly things will be swept away when Jesus returns.

  4. "God speaks to me in prayer or through his Word."

  5. "I was having a hard time with ______ (an issue), so I _______ (a spiritual solution)."

  6. "I asked God for help and He...."

  7. Ask questions like, "How do you show love to God?" or “What was the last thing you heard from God?”

  8. "I read a wonderful story today, may I tell you?"

  9. "God taught me something today."

  10. "I read something really interesting about God today."

  11. "God is light, and he shines into the dark places of my heart."

  12. "Do you think God could stop all of the bloodshed in.......?"

  13. “Did you ever have a dream from God?"

  14. Use a Proverb to apply to a current situation.

  15. "How should a person of God act here?"

  16. Thank God for something difficult.

  17. "Do you think God cares about....?"

  18. "God wants to walk with me so I walk with Him."

  19. "I believe only with God there is hope for...."

  20. When telling your children's names, or your own name, share the meaning.

  21. Mention something that you prayed for and how it was answered.

  22. Response to a social issue. "Jesus dealt with ______ and said some interesting things about it."

  23. "As I was praying for you today I sensed God......"

  24. "I feel encouraged about something that I learned about God."

  25. If you are by the sand or looking at stars in the sky, reminisce about God's blessing to Abraham.

  26. "God healed my friend."

  27. "I feel sad when I see trash, because God created the earth."

  28. "I was reading today and God reminded me..."

  29. "I am thankful for _______________. What are you thankful for?"

  30. "God hates injustice and he has a lot to say about it.

  31. "Do you know which day God created.......?"

  32. Context = complaining about their country... "It doesn't matter which country you are in but to be where God wants you to be." "I know this is a place of great conflict and God wants you to experience peace."

  33. "Can I tell you story?"

  34. "I don't need _________________ to protect me, I pray for God to protect me."

  35. Children: "Blessing and hard work make me rely more on God."

  36. Spouse: "God will give me a wife in just the right time."

  37. In response to not having children... "Marriage is a picture of Jesus and His church."

  38. "Yes, I miss home, but God meets me in my loneliness, God will never leave me nor forsake me."

  39. "What is most important to you?"

  40. "What do you think are the most important values you can give to your children?"

  41. "When did you feel most safe or secure?"

  42. "Can we pray for this meal?"

  43. "Can we please bless your home or your family?"

Do you have any ideas for Shema statements you've tried that have led to spiritual conversations?