My interview podcast on the Boundless Show, Focus on the Family

What an honor to be interviewed by Lisa Anderson on the national Boundless Show, by Focus on the Family. I happened to also be an old college friend of Lisa’s so it was fun to catch up first. We jumped right into how to walk across the street to people of other faiths and cultures in our own city and tips on entering other cultures well.

We talked about how I had to apologize for the entire American people the first time I met a Muslim friend, and how my globe-trotting parents won the “my-rich-uncle-died” lottery for their retirement, and the times I had to carry dead chickens home from the market in India.

She asked me my thoughts about short-term trips too, and what it would take to surrender going overseas. I hope it inspired her audience of young, single, professionals to consider moving their career to a strategic country where Jesus isn’t known.

Yeah, all that, and more! Listen to the podcast here, episode 569 called True Life Change. I’m about twenty-four minutes in, during the Culture segment. Thanks Boundless Team!