What's It Gonna Take? A Video Clip on the Remaining Task

Have you wondered which peoples are still waiting to hear about Jesus for the first time?

We know. And now you can too.

Watch this fantastic animated video clip that describes the remaining global task in a SIMPLE way.


Read this fantastic issue of Mission Frontiers, that breaks down what it’s going to take to reach the rest of the world, with articles, charts, graphs and maps. I will be handing this out to everyone I know.


4,700+ people groups in the world have less than 0.1% followers of Jesus Christ. We call them frontier peoples.

92% of frontier peoples (less than .1% Christian) are Muslim or Hindu.

70% of frontier peoples population live in South Asia.

Only 3% of frontier peoples live in the diaspora (other places than their home).

50% of frontier peoples are in 31 large people groups, mostly in South Asia (prayer guide at Go31.org).

Way to increase your MQ just now. By the way, MQ is your Missional Intelligence, which has to do with missional strategy and what it’s going to take to spiritually win. Is this info new for you? What do you think? Comment below!

*Thank you to Rebecca Lewis and Chris Maynard for their excellent work.