Small Group Leader Tools


Across the Street and Around the World is set up for small groups! You’ll find Reflection questions at the end of each chapter in the book. Follow the Small Group Plan in the back of the book each week for structuring your small group time. Use the Bible Reading Plan in the back of the book to know what scriptures to read along with the chapter each week. You can also use the Go Deeper and Do More: Resources section in the back of the book to guide your group to explore specific topics more fully. But wait! There’s more! Check out the fun quiz below to jumpstart your group getting to know each other, and the Grow to Go Test assessment tool to take the first and last group time. AND yes, there’s video clip recommendations for each chapter. You’re asking for it…I’m working hard on finishing an online Small Group Guide coming very soon!

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What kind of Global Goer are you? Quiz

The first small group meeting, take out your phones and do this fun three-minute quiz together! You can find it easily at on the menu bar. The group will get to know each other and create some bonding and laughs over personality types. As you mobilize your group to help them find a role in reaching the nations, knowing their “goer personality” will also help you use specific language that will be more inspiring to different types of people.

Here’s what you can tell your group: “Let’s take this fun quiz to find out what motivates you to make a difference in the world. Is your Global Goer personality type a Bleeding Heart, a Strategic Thinker, a Meaning and Purpose Person, an Adventure Traveler, an Obedient Disciple or a combination? Drawn from Chapter Nine in Across the Street and Around the World, we’ll read the book to find out how to put your personality to work in a global way that’s YOU!”

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Grow to Go Test: An Assessment Tool

During your second small group session, ask everyone to take this five-minute Grow to Go Test. It’s a tool to measure where we are, and where we can grow as goers—here, and for some, perhaps far away. It will take about five minutes to complete. Make sure to enter an e-mail address so each person can get an e-mail copy of the test to bring home and mark up. You’ll ask them to take out the written test again at the end, and take it again!

Here’s what you can say: “See where you land on the Grow to Go scale. This tool helps us know where we can grow in practicing crossing cultures with courage, confidence, compassion, and spiritual intentionality. The higher the score, the more likely we are following Jesus’ vision for us to make disciples of all nations. We’ll take the test again after we finish the book as we add more spiritual practices and cross-cultural habits in our lives to see how we’re growing.”


Small Group Leaders Guide (Coming Soon…)

Stay tuned for a Leader’s Guide for Small Groups. But really, you don’t need one. You have everything you need in the book with the Reflection Questions at the end of each chapter; the Small Group Plan, and the Bible Reading List in the back of the book; the quiz and assessment tool above, and supplemental videos to show for each chapter!