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Could God use ordinary me to change the world?
In the middle of diapers, dishes, papers, or presentations, deep down, we long to live a life of purpose, with a bit of adventure. But if we do something, we think we have to do everything—and do it in Africa. In Across the Street and Around the World, I hope to show you how we can change the world right where we already live, work, play, and study—by learning to grow genuine, spiritually deep friendships with people from other countries, cultures, and faiths.

In a refreshing “you-can-do-this-too” style, let me take you by the hand with clear steps, try-it sections, and beautifully crafted prayers. I’ll gently guide us away from common cultural missteps, so we can offer Jesus in a winsome way, while honoring culture, faith, and family. With confidence, courage and compassion, we’ll start small, start soon, and start somewhere we already are, by first going across the street—which just may lead us around the world!

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