Note: You might want to show some of the shorter video clips at the end of a lesson for the following week, to whet their appetite for the upcoming chapter!

Chapter one

Adopting God’s Heart for the Nations

Watch the first video compliments of the online training course PathWays to Global Understanding: A Series of Twelve Videos. In a little over twenty minutes, the session builds on Chapter One for the rest of Across the Street and Around the World. It shows how God created us to be a light and blessing to the nations in a story threaded through the Bible. (This free video series will be available live streaming for now.)

Chapter Two

Entering Other Cultures Well

Watch an eight-minute episode in the fun family series called Off-Road Encounters, about a western family who decides to travel around the world to start understanding an often mis-understood people in the West, Muslims. You’ll enjoy this episode on how the family adapted to cultural expectations on their adventure to Malawi. You’ll notice a lot of things you read in Chapter Two of Across the Street and Around the World! Families, Sunday Schools, VBS’s and small groups will love to continue watching the rest of this series for free. Sign up here to get Episodes delivered to your inbox every seven days!

Chapter Three

Engaging International Students and Welcoming Refugees

This home-shot video series of training that the Tucson Refugee Ministry gives it’s volunteers is helpful for us to understand how to welcome refugees resettled in our home country. Watch the first one while you read Chapter Three of Across the Street and Around the World to understand the situation for refugees right now. If you want to start welcoming refugee families in your city, watch the rest of the training lessons too!

CHapter Four

Cultivating Intentional Cross-Cultural Disciples

I love this simple series of four-minute videos that show how a student asks another international student to read the Bible with them. It takes all the guesses out, and makes it seem like you can do it. Watch all five clips along with reading Chapter Four of Across the Street and Around the World. Or just start with the first one that shows how to ask an international friend to read the Bible with you, from the video series called Leading Bible Studies by InterVarsity.

CHapter Five

Offering Jesus in a Winsome Way to Other Cultures

Watch The Bible Project explain in five minutes the good news of the Kingdom of God that Chapter Five in Across the Street and Around the World touches on. It’s so important! (Just keep on watching all kinds of Bible Project videos here to get really deep and clear explanations of many complex topics and books of the Bible).

Then take another eight minutes to see a whiteboard description of how our worldview shapes how we share the good news of Jesus Christ.

Increasing Your Missional Intelligence (MQ)

This four-minute clip is a great description of the spiritual state of the world in strategic terms, produced by Reality Church in Santa Barbara, California. It’ll set the stage for why Chapter Six in Across the Street and Around the World is so important, in easy to understand language. It’s even short enough to share on social media or show it in your church services.

CHapter Six



This seven-minute is the best illustration of the remaining missions task and the spiritual state of the world I’ve ever seen, produced by Frontier Missions.

CHapter Seven

Planning and Participating in Effective Short-Term Trips

Use this five-minute vlog-type video clip to get a dose of reality about short trips overseas from a young vlogger going viral Gret Glyer. It resonates with Chapter Five in Across the Street and Around the World.

Then watch the Reflection Vlog made by two brothers from Twinsauce who traveled on a short survey trip with me, to see what they came away with from the survey trip. Hey, if you want to watch the whole series of our survey trip through southern Bangladesh will come to life!

CHapter Eight

Mobilizing Inspirationally, Giving Extravently, and Praying Passionately

Look up a people group’s country or religious block by Joshua Project and Prayer Cast by clicking on the button after you read through Chapter Eight of Across the Street and Around the World. As you watch a few of the videos, pray for them, dream about how you can inspire people to get involved there, and how you could support people working with them. You might want to subscribe to get a prayer video every day!

CHapter Nine

Wrestling with Calling, Gifting, and Personalities

Take the What Kind of Goer Are You? Quiz for fun, and to talk about whether you are a Bleeding Heart, a Strategic Thinker, a Meaning and Purpose Person, an Adventure Traveler or an Obedient Disciples. You can read about it in Chapter Nine of Across the Street and Around the World. There’s no right answer. It’s just to know yourself a bit better! Then watch this clip of Luke’s Journey from the UK, as he explores a calling and how he discerned God’s will for his life to move overseas.

CHapter ten

Dreaming About Overseas Professions and Earthly Impact

Get a feel for kingdom businesses running well in other countries as you read Chapter Ten in Across the Street and Around the World: An artisan company that employs at-risk women, a media company that shapes culture, and a high-end coffee chain that employs hundreds. In this second episode of a nine-vlog series surveying Bangladesh, follow TwinSauce brothers as they experience identities in country that could be just who they already are!

CHapter eleven

Surrendering the American Dream

Listen to this thirty-five minute session by David Platt how living a radically surrendered life, after you read through Chapter Eleven of Across the Street and Around the World. He unpacks and digs deep into the cost that Jesus requires for those who follow him.

Getting Healthy and Hearing From God

Honestly, it was hard to find high quality, current videos on these topics. I love Henry Blackaby’s Experiencing God series, but they’re fairly dated, low quality videos. For a quick intro to listening prayer as you discuss Chapter Twelve in Across the Street and Around the World, show this clip from NavPress and Rusty Rustenbach on Listening Prayer.

CHapter twelve


To set up the idea the high cost of taking emotional baggage with us, check out this thoughtful video clip from Kensington Church.