Off-Road Encounters

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It all started when…

One American family decided to go on an adventure around the world to discover the truth about Muslims. How they live. What they believe. What they hope for. And what values we share. One family. Four countries. Get the real story…that you can only get…off road!

Great for the whole family! Homeschool students! Sunday School classes! Endearing, entertaining and educational!

Just enter your e-mail below. You’ll get access to Episode One right now. Each Episode is a fun, face-paced eight to ten minutes long. You’ll get one Episode every seven days after that for eight weeks in your e-mail inbox, with questions to talk about—and fun activities to do. Where do you think the Richardson family traveled? Ummmm….well, you might guess the first country, but probably not the rest. Find out now!

This too! Our friends, the Richardsons, used to live in the same neighborhood as our family. I think you’re gonna love them. (And right now, Off-Road Encounters is free!)

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Still not sure? Check out when dad Jim Richardson tells his wife Laura, fourteen-year old Thomas, and sixteen-year old Bari, that they’re going on a surprise trip around the world to four Muslim countries!

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