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Jeannie Marie is available to speak at conferences and weekend services, as well as do author interviews, podcasts and webinars, book readings, or lead half-day trainings on topics associated with Across the Street and Around the World: Following Jesus to the Nations in Your Neighborhood…and Beyond. Her speaking style is motivational, down-to-earth and designed to make next steps seem possible, practical and positive.

She tells personal stories about an ordinary person having extraordinary adventures with God, taking a thousand small steps of yes to reach the nations—both across the street and around the world. She tries to spend a bit of extra time after a speaking engagement meeting with your global team or organization, brainstorming ideas, or giving advice on anything you’d like to discuss.

Weekend Message Topics

See outlines for one weekend, four-weekend, eight-weekend message outlines. Jeannie Marie can speak on any message outline for one of the weekend topics, and you fill in the rest!