Join a Community of Decision: Should I...Could I...GO?

Join a Community of Decision: Should I...Could I...GO?

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Should I…could I…GO? Join this Community of Decision, with live video webinars and access to an exclusive private Facebook group with mentor and strategist Jeannie Marie, designed to help you wrestle with these questions:

Should I pursue moving overseas where Christ is not known? Am I called enough, gifted enough, the right personality? What would I do there…what could I be there? How could I use my passions, experience and education? What about wealth, financial security, comfort and safety? How do I know if I’m emotionally healthy enough? How can I hear from God? How do I need to grow to go?

 Join Jeannie Marie and a Community of Decision, as you meet people just like you, wrestling with the very same questions.


  • Four interactive, live video webinars (Fridays 12:00pm - 1:00pm CST Nov 1, 8, 15, 22)
    *recordings will be available

  • Exclusive access to a private Facebook group just for this course.

  • Facebook Live sessions with customized Q&A just for your group.

Based on the book Across the Street and Around the World: Following Jesus to the Nations in Your Neighborhood…and Beyond. *recommend purchasing book separately (Amazon, Barnes & Noble) to read along with course.

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  • Grow to Go Test assessment group consultation.

  • Free bonus chapter and resources to help you wrestle with the questions.

  • Customized advice anytime in the private Facebook group chats.

  • Continued membership in the exclusive Facebook group to grow networking.